Q: If something is sold, can you recreate it?

A: Yes, it will be similar, but each piece is unique, so it won’t be exactly the same.

Q: Do you ship worldwide and how long will it take to reach me. 

A: I can ship worldwide, but bear in mind that mosaics can be quite heavy depending on size.  I normally ship 1-2 days after an order is placed.  But a custom made piece will take much longer (usually 2-3 weeks).

Q: Can you make mosaics to live outside?

A: Yes, the materials used are different and the process makes it slightly more expensive, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Q: I have a specific budget in mind, can you create something for that price.

A: Yes of course I can try and design something to suit your budget, but it is important to be realistic about the time it takes to design and make bespoke pieces.